Celebrating National Palliative Care Week

National palliative care week 2024

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At Anam Cara House Geelong, we are proud to support National Palliative Care Week. We see it as a time to shine a light on the invaluable contributions of palliative care professionals and the profound impact of their work. This year’s theme, ‘Matters of Life and Death,’ resonates deeply with our mission and values as we celebrate the people at the heart of quality palliative care.

The orange heart

You may have noticed some of our team members wearing an “orange heart” pin on their uniform. This universal symbol of care and friendship is not just a badge. It’s a representation of our commitment to being there for our guests and their families. The orange heart is now recognised as the emblem of the palliative care sector, embodying warmth, encouragement, and unwavering support.

The eight sparks emanating from the heart signify a beating heart full of life, symbolising the vitality that palliative care supports. These sparks also represent Australia’s eight states and territories, highlighting the collective role we all play in delivering compassionate palliative care. At Anam Cara House Geelong, we believe this symbol captures the spirit of palliative care – the deep connections formed between health professionals, volunteers, guests, and their families during each unique palliative care journey.

Advance Care Planning Forum

To further support National Palliative Care Week, we are hosting our second booked-out Advance Care Planning forum for 2024 on May 23rd in our community library. This forum is open to all Anam Cara House Geelong staff, guests, volunteers, members, and community subscribers. The event aims to educate and empower Australians about the importance of quality of life towards the end of life.

During the forum, attendees will hear from a panel of guest speakers, providing educational and informative discussions on the Advance Care Plan process. This is an opportunity for our community to gain valuable insights and take the first steps in discussing and documenting their future health care wishes and preferences with their loved ones. By raising awareness and encouraging these crucial conversations, we hope to support individuals and families in making informed decisions about their end-of-life care.

Embracing the human spirit

National Palliative Care Week is a chance to open minds and hearts to the profound human spirit that drives palliative care. It’s about recognising the knowledge and compassion that come to the forefront when individuals and families face life-limiting diagnoses. At Anam Cara House Geelong, we are dedicated to highlighting these stories and the incredible people who make a difference in the lives of our guests every day.

Throughout the week of 19 – 25 May 2024, we will be sharing stories and messages on our social media channels and within our facility, showcasing the dedication and compassion of our team. We aim to inspire and educate our community about the essential role of palliative care.

Join us in celebrating National Palliative Care Week

Join us in celebrating National Palliative Care Week and the ‘people at the heart of quality palliative care.’ Whether you’re a guest, family member, volunteer, or community supporter, your involvement and support make a significant impact. Together, we can continue to provide compassionate care and support for those navigating the complexities of life-limiting illnesses.

Advance Care Planning Forum
Advance Care Planning Forum attendee bags

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